Based in Lima, Peru.

Ana Lía Orézzoli holds a Bachelor´s degree in Communication by Universidad de Lima and a Master in Fine Arts in Photography by Studio Arts College International (Florence). For 8 years she worked as a photojournalist for different local media. From 2010 to 2014, she served as photo editor of different publications of two of the most important publishing houses in Peru. Her work has been shown in places like Le Murate PAC, Consiglio Regionale de la Toscana and the Museum of National History in Florence. In 2016, she was selected to participate in a workshop with Federico Clavarino as part of the International Summer School of Photography (Latvia). In mid-2018, as part of a residence run by Julián Barón in Lima, co publishes along with 20 other local artists the collaborative book Datero Jaula 18. That same year, she self-published A Kind of Longing, an edition of 70 handmade photobooks. She is a founding member of SCALENO, an international photography collective formed in 2015.

Her curiosity leads her to explore topics such as memory, the idea of place and the everyday. Currently, she divides her time between teaching and developing her personal projects.


2018 Some Other Place, with SCALENO collective.
     Florence, Italy
2017 Emersioni - Giovane Collettiva Fotografica. 
     Livorno, Italy
2016 International Summer School.
     Kuldiga, Latvia. 
2016 Something Familiar. Le Murate PAC. 
     Florence, Italy.
2016 U-turn, Biagiotti. Progetto Arte. 
     Florence, Italy.
2015 Partial, La Corte Arte Contemporanea. 
     Florence, Italy.
2015 Los Diez – Latin American Fotografia 4.
     School of VisualArts Theater. 
     New York, USA.
2015 Alla ricerca, Galleria Bottega Antonio Manta. 
     Montevarchi, Italy.
2015 Archivi del Corpo.
     La Specola, Museum of natural History. 
     Florence, Italy.
2015 Alla ricerca, Galleria ZetaEffe. 
     Florence, Italy.
2015 An inmersion into culture. 
     Consiglio Regionale della Toscana.
     Florence, Italy