Photographer, photo editor and educator based in Lima, Perú. Also a member of SCALENO collective

For any inquiries or comissioned work, please write me an e-mail
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Pública Galeria

2022 La dicotomía entre la memoria y el olvido. Galería Índigo + Pública Galería. 
     Lima, Perú
2021 RIO residency - Final exhibition. Marnay sur Seine, France.
2021 Un nuevo habitar. Brigadas - FIFV. Valparaíso, Chile.
2019 Let’s try listening again, A.I.R. Gallery 13th Biennial Exhibition. 
     Brooklyn, NY with SCALENO collective.
2018 Some Other Place, with SCALENO collective. Florence, Italy.
2017 Emersioni - Giovane Collettiva Fotografica. Livorno, Italy.
2016 International Summer School. Kuldiga, Latvia. 
2016 Something Familiar. Le Murate PAC.Florence, Italy.
2016 U-turn, Biagiotti. Progetto Arte. Florence, Italy.
2015 Partial, La Corte Arte Contemporanea. Florence, Italy.
2015 Los Diez – Latin American Fotografia 4.School of VisualArts Theater.New York, USA.
2015 Alla ricerca, Galleria Bottega Antonio Manta. Montevarchi, Italy.
2015 Archivi del Corpo. La Specola, Museum of natural History. Florence, Italy.
2015 Alla ricerca, Galleria ZetaEffe. Florence, Italy.
2015 An inmersion into culture. Consiglio Regionale della Toscana. Florence, Italy