Frases mínimas (2016 - 2022)

Frases mínimas, the title of the project, comes from an assignment sheet found in one of my old school notebooks and with it, I try to refer to what is smaller or insignificant but, at the same time, contains a meaningful unit own.

To develop these images I was inspired by a quote from the Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli who, in his book The Order of Time (Anagrama, 2019), argues that human beings live on emotions and thoughts. We exchange them when we are in the same place and at the same time, talking to each other, looking into our eyes, touching our skin. We feed on that network of encounters and exchanges, or rather, we are that network of encounters and exchanges. Thus, my intention has been to go after those encounters and the result is this collection of small existences that allow me to approach the most minimal structure of everyday cosmology.

I am interested in moments of silence, where it seems that nothing happens, I am moved by the beauty of a dirty sink and by the delicate gesture of two fingers touching. Here and now, with these photographs, I look for the evidence of a fragment, of something brief, fleeting and elusive, but which refuses to be transitory. Above all, I try to explore the idea that the everyday human gestures have incalculable consequences that that move on through time and space, changing everything.