Frases mínimas (2016 - present)

This project responds to a need to understand certain aspects of life and human relationships. It started when I faced the fear of losing my parents. Since then, little by little and in an intuitive way, I expand the themes

of the project, photographing other people, other spaces and objects. I am interested in moments of silence, where it seems that nothing is happening, I am moved by the beauty of a dirty laundry and by the delicate gesture of two fingers touching. I try to create connections between what I observe and what exists around me. Here and now, with these photographs, I look for the evidence of a fragment, of something brief, fleeting and elusive, but which resists being transitory. I long for what is going to disappear.

In The Order of Time, the Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli mentions that “human beings live on emotions and thoughts. We exchange them when we are in the same place and at the same time, talking to each other, looking into each other's eyes, touching our skin. We feed on that network of encounters and exchanges, or, rather, we are that network of encounters and exchanges. " Thus, only by being aware of the present we might be able to recognize our own identity.

With Frases Mínimas I try to create a sense of time from a collection of small existences and in doing so, I find myself in the middle of a paradox, that of longing for time to stop and, at the same time, being able to appreciate all the beauty of its ephemeral quality. Finally, what I am looking for is a connection with the present itself and in this way, create the feeling of something eternal.